Our History

Charlie was born in North Palm Beach, Florida where his family raised him on the water and outdoors. His lifelong experience both in fishing tournaments and boating has earned him credibility throughout the industry. While upholding the high standards of character associated with the Nicklaus Family name, Charlie has been able to devote his work ethic and passion into the client’s needs and fulfillment first.

Vic grew up in Savannah, Georgia where his father owned an international fighting chairs company. His involvement in the day to day operations gave him the opportunity to travel the world fishing in tournaments. His love for the sport developed quickly as he was able to learn hands on skills and knowledge from legendary captains all over the world. Vic’s expertise has contributed greatly to his footprint on the industry.

Through both Charlie Nicklaus and Vic Starling’s love for the water and boating, they were able to channel their passion into something bigger. C.NICKLAUSSTARLING is Your Yacht and Sportfish Specialist…our commitment is and always will be the success of our clients.